YEAR THAT WAS – REWIND 2023 – TVS Capital Funds

As we conclude another dynamic year at TVS Capital Funds, we are proud to share the key highlights and developments that have shaped our firm over the past year. Our journey has been marked by strategic initiatives, strong investment performance, and business partnerships that have reinforced our position in the private equity landscape.

We celebrated significant additions to our leadership team with the induction of two new Managing Partners, complemented by the internal promotion of Gaurav, whose ascent reflects our commitment to nurturing talent from within. The appointment of Ramesh Iyer to our board of directors introduced a new dimension of strategic oversight, while Kal Raman’s role as an advisor has been instrumental in refining our approach to market challenges and opportunities.

Further, we expanded our geographical footprint with the establishment of our presence in Bengaluru. This strategic move taps into the city’s rich vein of entrepreneurial spirit and technological prowess, aligning with our vision of fostering innovative businesses.

This year has been robust for our investment activities, with over 90% of Fund 3 being successfully deployed. The deployment underscores our disciplined investment strategy and the trust we have garnered from our client partners.

We have allocated substantial capital of over ₹580 cr. across various investments this year, including in notable companies such as Phonepe and Insurance Dekho. Our portfolio companies, despite a lukewarm market, have raised an impressive sum of approximately ₹3,400 cr., demonstrating the resilience of our investment thesis and the quality of the businesses we support.

Moreover, the launch of our fourth fund is a milestone that underpins our ongoing effort to deepen pools of rupee capital in the private equity and venture capital markets.

Our business partners have seen significant events this year, with Phonepe making strides in the lending space and Yubi achieving a landmark collaboration with the largest PSU on co-lending. Insurance Dekho has also hit several key milestones, further evidencing the strength and potential of our portfolio. We have also witnessed a successful exit from our portfolio company LEAP, and continue to see success through Five Star, which has had a stellar run in the market with over a 60% rise in price since listing.

We are honoured to have been recognized as the BFSI Investor of the year, an accolade that reflects our dedication to excellence in the financial sector. Additionally, the recognition of Anuradha, our Managing Partner, as a top fintech influential person is a testament to the thought leadership and influence we strive to cultivate within the industry.

We celebrated the CKP foundation day, which serves as a touchstone for our foundational values and the larger mission that guides our endeavours. This event stands as a testament to how TCF has institutionalized its founding principles to propel our mission forward.

Our engagement with stakeholders was furthered at the ACPC clients conference, and our partnership with IIT Madras marks a significant step in our commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and supporting the development of next-gen entrepreneurs.

As we move into the new year, we remain focused on building upon these achievements. We extend our sincere gratitude to our client partners, business partners, and team for their unwavering support and dedication. Our resolve to create value and drive progress is as strong as ever, and we anticipate sharing continued success with you in the forthcoming year.

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